Day Sixty-Two (Breathe)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Tonight was exam night in my stats class 😐 yipe! I was running in circles and ranting at my husband today. The stress kicked in overtime today and my head is still ringing a little bit. I am so happy to be home. I hate the anxiety I get on exam days. Let’s pray I did good on it, please God! Come on Winter Break already, I need my weeks off to regroup!

I will lay in bed and try to unwind. I cannot sleep when I am constantly thinking about academic performance. I hope everyone else is having a outstanding Monday and I cannot wait to read some post. I probably will get a chance to early morning. I hope you guys and gals have some good stuff for me to read 😉 we will see! Good night beautiful and handsome people……………….Time to breathe




3 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Two (Breathe)

  1. I do pray you do amazingly well in your exams. Stats? Whoof all the best! May the force be with you lol.
    And please do unwind its very much needed. And your welcome to read my posts and drop your thoughts anytime. 😉😊

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