Day Sixty-Four (Going Crazy!)

Good Evening Friends!!!

It is unbelievable, the level of stress that I am at these days. I am trying to keep it together and not go completely crazy. This is when parenting really gets tough. During this time you have to be very careful, because your fuse is so short a snappy reaction on the kids can happen. When I feel myself getting stressed out and losing my mind from the school, kids, life madness….I ask God to help me and keep a distance from the kids, so I do not act ugly.

An example when they are acting out or misbehaving I say “Hey go to your room” and address it later so I do not overreact. When they continue and things feel like they are getting worse and messes break out during this challenging behavior period (I run like hell) lol just playing. I say I need you to get away from me for a minute because your not listening and I do not have the tolerance for this right now! The eye twitching is a good indicator to get the heck away from mommy. I notice my children flee when I make certain facial expressions.

It is already tough enough being a parent but throw the extra stuff on top and man!!!! It seems impossible some days. There is nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed and incapable at times. We all fall short and we all have are struggles. The most important thing is not giving up and pushing through the madness. You just continuing to be there and remain in the that parent role…………and that my friends is grounds for a trophy!!!



6 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Four (Going Crazy!)

      1. You’re welcome. I woke up in the middle of the night. So if I do not respond I hope you are not feeling as if I am ignoring. I try to to talk to my friends daily.


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