Day Sixty-Five (Blow The Whistle)

Good Evening Friends!!!

I am looking forward to next week, why you ask? Well, the kids do not have school next week :-D, they have the whole week off yay!!!. What does that mean for me? It means I get to sleep in!!!!!! Yes I do not have to wake up early to take them to school. I get a week of sleeping in late! This is really needed and I will definitely be taking advantage of this time.

I cannot wait for Friday to come and go. I am thinking blow the whistle already, bring this week to a end. I may be able to catch up with my other works. I think I will start some Christmas shopping next week. I been looking for an excuse to go shopping……maybe slip a couple items for myself in there too ;-).

This Friday is Hunger Games for those of you that keep up with it. The last chapter of the Hunger Games woohoo! I do not know how yet, but I plan on watching it with my husband. I need a baby-sitter….anyone? anyone? Lol, we will definitely figure something out. Enjoy your Friday! *Smile*


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