Day Sixty-Six (Friday!!!)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Friday is finally here!!! To start this weekend my husband and I made it to the movies. We went and saw Mocking Jay part 2 and I have to say it was okay! I think I was anticipating soooo much for some reason that I was a little thrown off by how slow it was moving along. The overall movie was good but I just kept wanting more. I cannot stand when I watch a movie and I am constantly wanting more. The sad thing is when it goes off and the more part never comes I feel a little disappointed.

I will make sure not to throw in any spoilers. The movie had a sweet little ending. I will leave it at that for now! Thank God it’s Friday! Movie night was a success we made it out and now I have to direct all my attention to my research paper. My research paper is due this Sunday! I foresee a boring weekend ahead for me. I hope you all have great plans and enjoy your weekend!


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5 thoughts on “Day Sixty-Six (Friday!!!)

  1. My son and I have a date to go and see the movie within the next coupld of weeks (after the crowd dies down). We’ve both read the books and we’ve gone to the theater to see all the movies. I’m not AS excited for this one BECAUSE I’ve read the books (I know how it ends), but I’m still looking forward to it!

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