Day Sixty-Eight (Exhausted)

Good Early Morning Friends!!!

I finally finish my paper and let me just say it took forever. I starred at the screen from Saturday early evening until Sunday 2:40pm. Yes I stayed up over 24 hours working on that paper it was due Sunday at 3:00pm. I was sooooooooooo exhausted and sleepy after I finish the paper. I could hardly keep my eyes open and I had class at 3:00 yesterday. I did not get to go to bed until Sunday after class.

I was extremely sleepy. I kept falling asleep in class and I mean it was literally a fight to stay up. I was so embarrassed and I kept holding my eyes open. It was ridiculous and I sit in the front. I wanted to cry because I get emotional when I am sleep deprived for over 24hours. My brain feels fried and everything. Anyways when I got back from class, I came straight home and passed out. My husband cooked dinner and I woke up and ate. I passed right back out and woke up just now. I went to bed early last night and that explains why my post is being posted at this hour 3 in the morning. I am already recovering, I should be back to myself in no time.


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