Day Seventy (LOVING LIFE!!!)

Good Evening Friends 😀

I am going to just jump right in it! I woke up this morning with a migraine, it carried over from last night. Despite the migraine I woke up with, my day went rather well. The kids woke up this morning and ate yogurt and cereal. I decided to cook bacon, steak, eggs, and biscuits for a second breakfast, which was a waste because they were not really hungry. Only one was hungry come to find out. Past breakfast, I picked up a new calculator in hopes it will help me!

My professor ask me how was my head feeling tonight. He told me to smile since my migraine was gone and I was having a better night…tonight! I gave him a big smile and said see all good. I told him he sound like Shrek and the whole class started laughing but I said “no no I was not making fun of you, I love Shrek” he kept bringing it up the whole night. I know this professor is going to miss me when class is over because he is always joking with me. He was nice enough to give us tomorrow off. Sooooooo I have no school until Monday yay!!!!! I am dancing right now! This calls for a I LOVE YOU WORLD!!!!!! *MWWWAAAHHHH* ~~~LovingLife~~~



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