Day Sixty-Nine (Dreaming of Thanksgiving)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Tonight, tonight, tonight…….where should I start? I finally caught up on some sleep yay! I am excited about the sleep, but disappointed about school today. I went to my stats class and I was absolutely blank. Nothing the professor did was clicking or making sense to me. It was the most annoying class ever. I kept asking myself why am I even here? Why did I come? I was so frustrated with not being able to understand anything he was going over.  Going back to a happy thought at least I got sleep.

After class tonight I decided to do some late night grocery shopping. I like going at night because there are no crowds and no long lines. I also like to go without the kids because they ask for too much. I know grocery shopping is more productive when I go by myself at night. The late night shopper….that is me!

Thanksgiving is Thursday!!!!! Who is pumped up or excited for Thanksgiving??? I know I am!!! I am super excited this year because I am not cooking this year!!! We are spending Thanksgiving at family’s house. I get a break this year and I am looking forward to not having to cook a huge dinner and clean up a big mess. I will be cooking for Christmas but not for Thanksgiving. I get to eat and walk away, free of chores! This truly makes the holiday even better for me. I hope you all have great plans rather your hosting or visiting!!! How many of you prefer to visit rather than host? I know I cannot be alone on this one! My favorite things from Thanksgiving dinner: Stuffing, Ham, Cranberry Sauce, and Homemade Mac n Cheese! If you have those items I am so good to go! I am not a big fan of turkey, and I can go without other stuff. I just literally pile those four things on my plate. What about you?





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