Day Seventy-Three (It begins!)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Sooo…….as of today the Christmas shopping has begun! My husband picked up some gifts and I dropped them off at my parent’s house. You wrap up one holiday and start prepping for the next one. My five year old is talking Christmas tree, gifts, decorations, and all that. I said okay okay give us a minute to get everything in order so we can setup the Christmas ornaments.

I am not fully feeling the holiday spirit yet! I will probably gradually get to the jolly point. The second week of December will change everything. Once these classes are over, we should see great improvement with my overall mood 😉 until then  😐 lol. Money, money, money just goes around this time of the year 😦 geez my mood is all over the place. I am going to just finish this up with random words.

Elf, gifts, Christmas, money, Family, broke, Tree……..Great I feel better already 😀


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