Day Seventy-Two (Dinner at the in-laws)

Good Evening Friends!!!

I spent my Thanksgiving at my husband’s uncle’s house. It was a lovely home and the food was outstanding. It is really rare that I call other’s Thanksgiving food outstanding. I usually only eat two possibly three items, when I am over someone else’s house. I enjoyed all the food there it was amazing. I was extremely please by the company for the most part and the hospitable host. My three year old was raising a little anxiety for us, but other than that they were good.

I almost made it out of there with no complaint until the end. There is at least one person who has too much to drink or is just rude as hell. Yup, yup I said it! The thing I dislike the most is….them being outdated because I have compassion for outdated people. I tried to sit quiet while waiting on my husband to leave. This old ass nag was rude as all hell and kept working my nerves. Very disrespectful and if I did not know Jesus things may have went another way 😐 and I was not the only one disturb by the lack of class, manners, and tact displayed. Please note there were others. I had to dismiss the geriatric verbally and mentally. Outside of that splendid evening, dinner, and feeling bless for my family.

I hope you all enjoyed your day and night!!! Family can be tough sometimes around the holidays, just push through it and find a smile.



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