Day Seventy-Four (The Truth On Parenting)

Good Evening Friends!!!!

Dinner was served at 6pm tonight! My husband picked up some food for the children and himself. I ate leftovers and was quite okay with that. I was just thinking about a few random things.

You know your a parent when you do not even realize it is Saturday night!

When you are watching movies in bed by 6:30-7pm.

When you are feeling sleepy around 8pm.

When Saturday nights consist of wiping bottoms, rinsing germX out of your one year old’s mouth, bathing your three year old that had an accident on himself, pouring a drink and turning your back for a half of a second and the glass is empty (thanks to your five year old) it happen 3 times, arguing with your eleven year old about taking a shower daily is important even if your not going anywhere, and finally listening to sounds of your hardworking husband snore before 9 o’clock hits.

Parenting is no joke! Talk about the sacrifices and the hard/draining work put into it. I see friends talking about going out and think man I forgot what that life is like. My brother hits me up talking about celebrating my husband’s birthday that is not until January and I am thinking geez I became that once in a blue moon event goer!

I like to end this post on a noble note and say even with all the madness, chaos, lack of eventful life, no Saturday fun, cleaning, serving, and surviving these obstacles my family throws my way…..I would not change anything or have it any other way….BUT that would be a bald-faced LIE!!!! The truth is I miss being selfish, I miss having the freedom to come and go as I please, I miss the lack of responsibilities, I miss engaging in some young fun, and feel free to shake your head but it is the truth dang it! I have a right to miss my selfish ways! I love my babies and that includes my hubby but I miss the option to be self-centered.




8 thoughts on “Day Seventy-Four (The Truth On Parenting)

  1. Good for you for speaking your truth girl; let those head shakers shake on! Even if you set aside a 10 minute “Mommy time” daily or regularly, that can be a start…you deserve the best of you.

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