Day Seventy-Five (Parent and Spouse Perks!!!)

Good Evening Friends!!!!

We all know the struggles of being a parent and a spouse, but there are upsides! I often think about all the work pumped out into parental and marital roles, and ask myself what was I thinking? It seems like my husband and children can sense that and decide to do little cute things for mommy. It is a great feeling to have that unconditional love. Let’s talk perks!!!

Cute little pictures and letters the children make for you, in attempt to express their love.

Surprise presents from your spouse and kids.

Someone to get you a bottle of water from the fridge or snacks which ever you prefer……remote…etc

A guarantee mate to go on dates with (no decisions or going through contacts trying to figure out who you should call to grab dinner with)

Companionship and a partner to face hard times with

Bestfriend/free therapist

Love, affection, and camaraderie

Watching your lineage carry on through your children (extending your bloodline)

My favorite one is a shoulder to cry on or in my case whine on….

Motivation (Being a hero)

Genuine love (Acceptance from your spouse and kids)

The perks go on and on!!! Trade your privacy for never being alone! 😀

When my husband and children baked me cakes 😉 when my five year old wanted to give me flowers like daddy, he colored me flowers and when my husband said he would get a TV for my couch time and he did!

PS Babybro I know you read my blog daily and your going to ask 65in 4k





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