Day Seventy-Eight (San Bernardino Active Shooting)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Tonight my class has been cancelled due to the mass shooting that took place in San Bernardino today. My prayers go out to all the families that are directly impacted by this tragic situation. This was definitely a hit close to home. Days like this really make me appreciate how fast breaking news reaches us. When I immediately saw the breaking news I called my mother who works near this area, and my younger brother who works in this area, and confirmed they were safe. My father also works near this area and my mother had confirmed he was safe as well.

I thank God my family is safe. I also pray that all my friends and their family members are safe. I have a lot of friends and some family that live in San Bernardino. I know my mother and cousin’s work facility is on lockdown but they are safe. This mass shooting is getting out of control and I know people are not too fond of gun control but a solution needs to be developed quickly. A team of people need to present some suggestions on ways to get these mass shootings down. It gets real when it hits home seriously!

Class is cancelled because residents in San Bernardino are told to stay in doors and out of the way. People are still on lock down and it is not safe for class to take place. A shootout took place between officers/Swat and AK47 armed suspects on San Bernardino Ave and residents on this street were evacuated after shots came to an end. This is breaking news on multiple channels for those not following the story. It started early this morning in San Bernardino at a Social Service building at a holiday party in a conference room where 14 were killed and 17 others were injured and continued hours later on San Bernardino Ave, where two suspects were killed in a shootout.

I will continue to pray for safety and peace. I do not like the thought of my children and I out and about and randomly being caught up in such a scary situation. So let’s pray for a resolution and boundaries to be place, to help control such a dangerous situation from arising in the future.

My brother told me he had to pick up his friend from a safe zone and the media was in a frenzy. He turned down multiple interview opportunities with CNN and other reporters. He told the reporters that after multiple mass shootings taking place all over the world he feels desensitized by the whole ordeal and really do not have any emotions to share with them. Really sad when people are use to mass shootings and are starting to become desensitized from mass shootings. I saw another man say something similar to my brother on the news. He said I am use to seeing them on the news but now it happen in his backyard very emotionless. So sad when such tragedy is regular. Let’s pray for families of the victims and for a solution.

Pictures taken by my brother’s friend on her camera phone! She was transported on a bus to a safe zone from the Inland Regional Center where it went down!



9 thoughts on “Day Seventy-Eight (San Bernardino Active Shooting)

  1. The sad fact is that if we would simply learn to truly Love ourselves, then we can do nothing less than Love and Respect all Life. Glad to hear your family is safe. I pray for peace, healing, strength, and comfort for all those involve and pray we all awaken!!

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