Day Seventy Nine (Holiday Party)

Good Odd Hour Friends, I’m Back!!!

Soooo Sooo very sorry for not posting the past few days but life got extremely hectic and I fail behind! I am back though and that is all that matters. I love and miss writing my daily blog these past couple of days. I told my husband I think it is healthy for me. Anyhoo I have been just trying to finish up school strong we are getting closer to the end. I also have been prepping for my husband’s company holiday party.

I manage to get it together and we made it Friday night to the party. It was lovely and very beautiful. The company held it at the Long Beach Aquarium. I enjoyed looking at all the different sealife and admiring my favorite jellyfish. It was interesting and the food was good. Of course I snapped a few photos and a video for you guys to take a look.

Try not to laugh but I was pretending to be a reporter and my husband started recording me while I was still eating an appetizer so excuse the shock face in the beginning lol. Also I decided to straighten my hair for this event. My friend who is a beautician did an outstanding job love her.


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