Day Eighty-Two (Finals Week)

Good Evening Friends!!!!

I have been absent again! This week is finals week and tomorrow is my final in Statistics. Saturday is my final in Anthropology and Sunday is my final in Psychology. This has been one heck of a semester and my head is throbbing but I will be free soon. I miss being able to relax on my couch, read blogs, and smile. After this Sunday I am doing some more hardcore cleaning in this place and then hopefully kicking my feet up.

I been soooo sleepy and exhausted too many events back to back and trying to squeeze in studying…..just no time left in my day for my personal delights. Just ride with me through this week lovely people pleaseee. My daughter had a band performance last night and I was so proud of her by the way she plays the flute. My husband has been glued to the couch watching our new TV and I have been feeling left out. I will make up for it in due time. CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!!!!! I cannot wait to bundle up on my couch and watch CHRISTMAS MOVIES with the family! Fun fun fun! I am truly looking forward to testing out my TV and spending time with the kids and hubby.

I miss everybody and cannot wait to read lots of blogs without a worry of school. Also Hi Paul! Thanks for re-blogging and tweeting my post I hold you dear to my heart for taking time out to do that for fellow bloggers and little ol’ me :-D. Also a big Thank you to one of my dearest and most talented friends Mrs. Lawrence 🙂 for your retweets, love, and support. I know together acting will be a great experience for this baby actress right here. So happy to have amazing people on my team and surrounding me 😀 later gator!2015-12-09 (2)2015-12-092015-12-09 (1)


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