Day Eighty-Four (It is official!)

Good Evening Friends!!!

It is official I have completed my last final!!! I am free  of school for winter break!!!! I am so glad I do not have to worry about school six days a week anymore, no homework, no exams, no studying, and no worrying for now. I will be visiting blog pages and checking out posts. It feels great to have some time to unwind.

I would like to wake up tomorrow with a mimosa at bed side 😉 yeah! It is time to celebrate the holidays and life. Real quick let’s talk grades my Stat professor gave me a B overall in the class, I know I will end up with an A in psychology and unfortunately probably a B in Anthropology. I am disappointed to be adding these B’s to my transcript but at this point I am feeling bless just for passing. Now the time has come to clean up again.

My husband picked up a carpet cleaner and cleaned up our place. I am hoping to have everything cleaned up by Tuesday. Once our spot is spotless lol it’s bumming it time. I will be glued to this couch with my feet kicked up. I think I may catch up on my sleep too! I am so sleepy right now, so I think I will be calling it a night and waking up to a fresh start tomorrow morning. Good night to all of you!



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