Day Eighty-Five (Letting Go!)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Today was day one of freedom and it felt so weird not having any school obligations. I have plenty of house chores to do but I decided to blow them off until tomorrow. Day one I wanted to do absolutely nothing! I did no cleaning or anything laborious. I spent most of the day on my couch and it was great. Tomorrow I have to do some productive stuff before my husband gives me the pink slip!

Tomorrow on the to do list is folding the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and cleaning the bathrooms. Another thing I want to do is get us back on track with eating healthy. We fell off the health wagon and started eating a bunch of unhealthy foods. So I will be turning that around and picking up some better food habits. Letting go of the bad habits can be hard but definitely doable.

Bumming it was quite relaxing today and I wish I could do it again tomorrow but nooooo must get some cleaning done. Now before I go let me recommend some great educational shows to watch. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Agent Oso, and the best of all Mr. Peabody and Sherman. My three year old is going to be a huge nerd, even bigger than me. He loves Mr. Peabody and Sherman this movie is on Netflix and the series as well. I love the movie and the other shows are on Netflix too.

Hopefully when I do my cleaning tomorrow I will get access to the TV.


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