Day Eighty-Six (Let’s make love)

Good evening friends!!!

I woke up this morning extremely early thanks to my husband but I cannot complain ;-). Just when I thought this week could not get any better it did! There is nothing more sensational than exchanging your sacred fluids with the person you vowed to spend the rest of your life with……..So after a great start this morning it was on to getting the kids up and out. I spent the majority of today feeling sleepy.

I was able to get some cleaning done but not all of it. We will see tomorrow because I am anticipating a little more help. Let’s see I do not have anything to complain about which is always good. Actually that is false I still have not had a chance to marinate on the couch with a tv show I want to watch. My children are something else they wanted to watch Shrek spokey stories while we decorated the walls and doors with more Christmas ornaments. I said come on guys it is not Halloween, it is Christmas time. They said we know but can we please watch Shrek’s spokey stories and they did and they laughed. I just threw my hands up and said what ever makes the little boogers happy.

Children can be a real trip sometimes but definitely worth it! The bed is calling me so I must head to it. Before I go I wanted to say I hope the majority of you are done with your holiday shopping. I will be finish by this weekend hopefully because I do not want to be spending next week shopping and last minute running around. Off topic this morning was sooo cold burrrrrr 41 degrees Fahrenheit is way too cold for me.  I mean I do live in California so keep that in mind before saying 41 is nothing where I am at it is 25 Fahrenheit or so on.

Real quick this morning I saw two squirrels running across the telephone pole lines or power lines I really do not know which one for sure. I thought to myself awww they look in love and life is so great how can you not be happy today? What a great day right? Everything seemed so perfect after dropping my son off and returning home I had to dodge roadkill in the street and it was a squirrel. I said well life is still great for me but I do not know about the squirrel, maybe it was a totally different one. All I know is he did not have a happy ending and do not let that hinder your happiness. Try to always remember to smile no matter what is going on around you.

Until tomorrow friends!!!


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