Day Eighty-Eight (Holiday Depression)

Good Evening Friends!!!!

Holidays tend to either bring out the worse in people or the best in people. I am still trying to find out the exact reason why people go through the negative emotions during this time of the year. One theory was given to me from my older brother…he said this is the time of the year when people reflect on their life. They evaluate the people around them and their life. If they are not satisfied with life, no longer have people in their life that they desire, lacking materials that they need or want, and are alone against their wishes, than things can get real negative real fast.

Depression, stress, anxiety, and sadly divorce rates go up around the holidays. Fight the negative attacks that come from your mind. If you let sadness in be sure to release it. How? Focus on what you do have and the blessings that are currently in your life rather than what is not in your life. People are sensitive around the holidays and experience mix emotion.

Reflection can be painful for some but pleasant for others. Loss and lonely vs. grounded and unlonely. Let’s stay positive, motivated, and keep in mind that storms do not last forever. Please no drinking and driving people!!! I do not want to hear or read about any car accidents. Keep it safe and keep the smiles because somebody loves you and hey it is me! ๐Ÿ˜€ Goodnight my lovely friends!



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