Day Eighty-Seven (Recap of Yesterday)

Good Morning Friends!!!!

I apologize for posting so late. My only excuse is I am sleepy and tired, so I keep falling asleep before I post. Let me just jump right into yesterday during the day I spend a lot of my time redecorating the tree since my one year old daughter keeps taking off ornaments. I have a lot of bulbs sitting next to me as I type lol. She loves bringing people things and I guess right now the ornaments are her preference for giveaways. My three year old son has been eating non stop and I manage to slide in sight words with him.

Why do kids love taking pictures on your cellphone? My three year old is constantly snapping pictures, my five year old, and my one year old is learning. My eleven year old has her own so that is the only thing that stopped her from taking pictures frequently on my phone (she still does). Besides my phone being bombarded with pictures everything else seems okay. The holidays are getting closer and I cannot stop finding last minute things to buy 😦 it’s becoming a problem. I need to just stop!

I am watching HGTV on my new TV finally! Yay! I really like the Tiny House show. Could you live in a tiny house? I would like to experience it with no kids. These people build tiny houses and live in them so creative. Well let me get back to the show and I will be back with more. Below are some photos of  my kids taking over and me just trying to survive lol.



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