Day Eighty-Nine (Mandatory Parenting Classes)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Why I am for a mandatory parenting class? Well realistically for my own selfish reasons first. My heart breaks when I hear about babies being killed or left home alone with no proper supervision. I have to fight back tears every time I see on the news or read articles about parents leaving young children home alone and the outcome is death. I hate the pain it brings me but it is seriously bad and my poor husband hears me talk about my heartbreak for a couple of weeks.

The sad thing is when I finally start to recover from it another one pops on social  media or on the news. It seriously devastates me and anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for children. I remember my late father-in-law telling me if you see a child in the street keep going because they were using them to lure women in Arizona. He said I know how you are and it is not a joke do not stop. That brought anger and sadness to me that people were using children for this type of stuff. It is natural for me to help a child.

Children are very precious and yes they are capable of driving us crazy. Just because they are precious does not mean they are perfect. When I read these stories I think, my son is five years old and there is no way he is capable of baby sitting his younger siblings and I honestly do not think he could change a poop diaper. The eight year old left home alone with several kids younger than him beating the one year old to death. The kids left alone and puts baby in the oven, parents beating kids to death and on and on. Every time I read one I am in denial and pray this is a made up story. I seriously struggle some days mentally with my children and I am a grown woman but they beat me. So I cannot imagine a child trying to do what I do and struggle with daily.

They say this is common in poor economic classes and low educated parents. So let’s start educating soon to be parents the basics. The what not to do lists, the what to do list, and offering resources or options for those struggling with parenting. I always want to save lives, especially the little ones that depend on us. I always tell my husband if we win the lotto I want to open up multiple 24 hour childcare locations that are affordable and sponsor parenting classes. I really feel education can bring down these death rates in children. I also would use the money to help homeless another weakness of mind. That is another story though…Seriously I do think mandatory parenting classes would be beneficial for the parents and children. For now please do not be afraid or embarrass to ask for advice or help! I promise you this is soooo normal to need help and not to be shameful for or over.



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