Day Ninety (Christmas Shopping)

Good Evening Friends!!!

I did some major Christmas shopping today and I think I may be done. I might pick up three more things but we will see. This weekend flew by so fast that I did not even realize today was Sunday. The great news is I do not have to wake up early and get the children ready for school. I had plans to stay up late and wrap some Christmas gifts….BUT… my favorite word to say lol I am feeling sleepy. I been seriously trying to catch up on sleep since I have been out of school this past week.

I feel like every time I think about doing something I get sleepy. Christmas is coming though it will be here Friday. I am looking forward to Christmas for the kids. I love to see their faces on Christmas morning, while they open gifts and get all overly excited. News Flash I probably wont get around to wrapping gifts tonight because I am just so exhausted. I do not even feel like getting into my own bed. I may just fall asleep on my couch 😉 it is so comfortable. I miss my oldest daughter she is with her father this year for the holidays and it has me 😦 I miss her!!! Well I think I will wrap it up and come back tomorrow. Good Night!


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