Day Ninety-One (Can’t explain the sleepiness)

Good Morning Friends!!!

I cannot explain my overly sleepiness, it has been hitting me hard lately. I have been soooo sleepy! Last night I fell asleep on my couch next to the laptop with the TV on HGTV. I was suppose to be paying bills and writing my blog but it did not happen. I just passed out and I would normally ask myself are you pregnant? I usually do not sleep a lot and do not require much sleep to function…unless I am pregnant. Well I am definitely not pregnant because after my last baby came out I made the decision to get my tubes tied.

To my surprise a lot of people were shocked and in disbelief that I got my tubes tied. They were asking me questions like why? How could you do that? Are you sure it was the right thing to do? So many questions with the small exception of maybe five individuals, who were definitely for it. I said I have four children now and I am delighted and overwhelmed lol with them. I said I had originally planned on getting my tubes tied on my 30th birthday when I was a young girl this was always in the books. I just did it two years before time because of the number of children I manage to slide out in this time span.

I know some will read this and say what I do not plan on having kids until my thirties or already started in their thirties, not me. I do not think there is anything wrong with waiting until your thirties or even forties for those who decide to wait that long. I personally wanted to pop my kids out before thirties because I wanted to be a young mother who in her late forties had all adult children and could be selfish and travel. I want lots of adult time, adult vacations, trips, excursion, and anything else you could think of…I figured by late forties I should have my stuff together and be able to afford a lot more things I personally desire to do. Plus I am hoping to go to my great grandchildren’s graduation. I mapped this all out lol.

I was blessed with a quiet, extremely shy and timid, easy to teach, laid back, rarely speaks little girl. If I would have popped one of my sons out first I may have tied my tubes after that lol. I was happy to be given what I could handle. I use to say she is the easiest part of my life. Now my other three are wild children 😐 and dramatically different. It was six years with just one child and we did Florida, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Nevada, and sorry if I am leaving out a state but I am trying to remember. I was too scared to take her out of the Country and most of are travels were for Zoos, Wildlife Parks, Central Park, Aquariums, Disney World, Beaches (I love FL beaches), friends and family.

Still cannot figure out why I am sooooo sleepy…. 😦



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