Day Ninety-Three (What do you want for Christmas?)

Good Evening Friends!!!

Christmas Eve is among us and all I want for Christmas is you. 😆 So sorry it had to be done but honestly I ask my husband for a tea kettle. All I wanted for Christmas is a tea kettle I miss the whistling and I was so accustomed to it as a child. I am a easy pleaser, for the most part.

What do you want for Christmas? Is it something specific or general? I am curious how many people have a list of things they desire vs people who had a hard time stating what they want because there is nothing really out there they desire. So let’s hear some Christmas desires or wishes!

Once again a tea kettle for me and what for you?





8 thoughts on “Day Ninety-Three (What do you want for Christmas?)

  1. Hey Babe, my car died last week so we bought a new (10 years old, second hand) car to replace it – we don’t do present s so this was our present to each other – not exciting but better than not having transport… and life could be much worse so… it’s not really about what I want in terms of presents -but looking forward to the day and what it will bring and the sharing and interactions. Will tell you about it when I have a story to tell. Have an awesome Christmas!! 🙂

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    1. I love the gatherings and interactions with my family. I so look forward to it! We will be going to my parent’s house and my Grandmother, great Aunt, and brothers with their families will be there. I cannot wait to hear your story, I will definitely be on standby for it. My husband and I just started giving each other Christmas gifts the past two years and it’s one a piece. He use to look sad on Christmas with no gift remember (only child) so I started. Have a great Christmas and I cannot wait to hear your stories. ☺

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