Maintaining Dedication through the Holidays

Taking care of your body is important so healthy choices are significant in achieving this goal.


Hello Everyone,

We’ve reached the holidays and most people are using these last few days that we have left in this year to do everything they are going to create a “Resolution” for on New Years Eve. 

I don’t feel the need to wait until December 31st to seek improvement. If you have the ability to maintain Focus throughout the year, you won’t have to make a bunch of promises to yourself at the end of the year that you probably won’t keep. Maintaining the dedication and discipline through the Holidays can still be a challenge for us all.

I started my Juicing Cleanse the day after Christmas and I plan to keep it going until the 15th of January. Everyone is in disbelief and asks why didn’t I start after New Years. “I’m on a Mission” is my only reply. I don’t have time to waist. That “Just get…

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