Day Ninety-Six (Sleepless)

Good Morning Friends!!!

I woke up at 2:00am and could not go back to sleep. I decided to go out to my couch and turn on the TV and see if I could find something to help get me back asleep. I forgot that at this hour it is game on for paid programs.


How appropriate at this hour? This is the first paid programs that actually fit the hour. Usually it’s weightloss, hair growth, food products, and other beauty products at these odd hours. Androzene is the name of this lovely product and let me tell you this paid program did not put me back to sleep. Too interesting to fall back asleep boy did attempting to put on a boring paid program backfire. Lol these people have soooo much energy when filming these paid programs and are soooo excited. I would like to do a paid program I believe I would do great! Sorry for the randomness and babbling I will try to get some more sleep now😴




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