Day Ninety-Seven (Nothing Goes As Planned)

Good Afternoon Friends!!!

So I am going to just jump right in here! I decided to cook Salmon in the broiler this morning but thirty minutes later I realize my oven felt cold and the broiler was not working. My Salmon was still raw with marinade all over it. I cleaned my oven and was ready to give up but decided to bake it instead. So the baking part of the oven worked but not the broiler. While the Salmon was not baking I decided to vacuum but the vacuum was not sucking up anything because it needed to be cleaned out. I usually let my husband handle it but not today. I took the vacuum apart and figured out how to clean it so I was excited about that.

All the dust got over me and I was looking like a dirtball so I said hmm I need a shower. I checked on the salmon it was not ready and cooking slow. I jumped in the shower and by the time I jumped out the shower the oven had smoke escaping. The kitchen and the family room was smokey because the marinade had burned onto the aluminum foil wrap. The salmon itself was perfectly fine. So after bathing to get clean and be refreshed my whole place smelled like smoke salmon including the kid’s hair. After taking the salmon out and letting it cool I decided to vacuum. While I was vacuuming my son’s room I accidentally sucked up a toy and smoke start coming from the vacuum. Now the place started smelling like burnt rubber from the vacuum belt.

So now after smoked salmon and burnt rubber consuming my place I decided to call it quits and have my self a drink with the windows opened.

It’s a virgin! 😉 My drink (Strawberry, Banana, and Grapefruit)




4 thoughts on “Day Ninety-Seven (Nothing Goes As Planned)

  1. You defiinitely deserved a shot of something stronger in that drink! I’m glad that you had the patience to get through the day because I think I would have lost my $h!t lol! Happy New Year to you and your family!

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