Day One-Hundred (Coming out of hiatus)

Good Evening Friends!!!!

Long time no post lol…. Well I took a few days off from posting and doing any extra activities. This week the children started back at school and I am not due back until this upcoming Monday the 11th. I call myself going to bed early around 8pm on some nights. The real reason for the change in behavior and not posting for a few days is I have been experiencing dizzy spells for three weeks now. I was ignoring them but they got worse and worse and start coming real frequent. I changed up my diet a couple times, went to bed extra early, and stop staying awake when I wake up in the middle of the night.

I was trying everything to get them to stop and slow down. Currently the frequency has dropped which is good but they still come sporadically. I knew it was bad when they started coming while I was driving and stuff. They happen when I get up off the couch or go up stairs or whip my head or just move too fast or when I get really frustrated and I am about to fuss at my family and like I said when I am driving. I been trying to take it easy.

I know I know did you go to the doctor yet? Nope not yet and I know I know I need to go get some blood work done let them poke at me and do test to figure out what is going on with me. I really hate going to the doctor but I will make it there. I was reading up on Vertigo and looking at the different causes to see if I could see where I fit into that condition. I see a couple of possible causes for me but nothing solid. So until I make it to the doctor I am lowering the stress load, expectations, and any other pressures. I been trying all kind of eating patterns as well.

All I ask is for you all to pray for me to be healed. Call me a kook but I really believe in healing without medical aide SOMETIMES only because I have experience it happen with me and seen it happen with others. I know it does not always work that way but sometimes it does. Well glad to be back 😀 I will keep you all posted on everything. STILL ALIVE!




3 thoughts on “Day One-Hundred (Coming out of hiatus)

  1. Driving and dizzy spells? Not good, self diagnosis? Not good. What are you waiting for? It is a bit like one of those court orders people get to keep abusive ex partners or stalkers away… i know but I will get to it. You phone the police to say he/she broke the order only to be told ” we have to wait until he/she attacks you… then we got them”

    So are you waiting until a dizzy spell happens half way up escalator, then you will do serious damage and make it worth the doctors while? Or waiting until you hit the pavement outside the school just at pick up time… you get my drift. Go to the doctor NOW! I won’t send a prayer, or good wish, or absent healing (even if I believed it would work) as I would be party to you putting off the inevitable trip to the doctor.
    It more than likely is a bit of vertigo, or low blood pressure, but if it was a brain tumour , clot or something, you would be glad that I stopped you being selfish, yes selfish!, your beautiful house full of kids need their Mummy I suppose I am saying get yourself sorted.
    From a kind caring virtual friend. Happy and healthy 2016.

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    1. You are so right! I can’t be selfish or scared. I honestly do not want to hear about some tumor crap anymore. I grew two in my uterus on two different occasions and had them removed each time. I will face the music and woman up.

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