One Man’s Struggle is Another Man’s Motivation



Hello World,

The struggle is REAL. A Juicing Cleanse is a challenge that I have developed a great respect for. I have been expressing my daily suffering to my family and friends consistently. They continue to test my dedication by exposing me to their delicious meals, sending me pictures of juicy steaks and taunting me with their meal plans for the next day. I usually smile and brush it of while they are looking (But I’m Secretly Hope They Choke on Their Food”, Just Playing (But Not Really).

Along the way, my struggle has inspired a few of my coworkers to attempt a cleanse of their own. Some have started a Juice Cleanse, some have vowed to give up alcohol for a month or two. It feels good to see that I still have it in me to Inspire Improvement in people.

I challenge all FIVE of the people following my…

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