Day One Hundred Two (Family Movie Night)

Good Evening Friends!!!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! It is Friday night and that means family movie night at my home. Now that winter break is over, we picked back up our Friday tradition. Tonight we watched Pirates of the Caribbean part 3. We already went through 1 & 2, and plan to complete part 4 next Friday. I never get tired of watching Pirates of the Caribbean, my favorite part is number 3. I never get tired of the love story 😍❀. I love Johnny Depp ❀❀❀❀❀ what an amazing actor? Right! He is so versatile! That man nails every role he plays and keeps me entertained. He is definitely number one and really deserves to be number one top paid actor. Well it is Friday night and many of you are probably out getting into stuff, so enjoy and catch up with me when you can…..Goodnight 😴😴


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