Day 104 (Wardrobe Malfunction)

Good Evening Friends!!!

This week flew by so fast with school, family, and appointments. I am so glad the weekend is here for me :-D. Now I have to share yesterday morning story with you. I woke up late and was rushing to feed the children and get them ready for school. I looked over at the clock and realize my son was going to be late if we did not leave out right away. So I ran to my room and threw on some sweatpants and grab my fleece jacket and zipped it up over my black Victoria’s Secret bra. We threw on our shoes and ran out the house. On the way to the car I happen to look down and saw my jacket doing a weird split from the bottom to the top.

I never ever had a zipper malfunction with this fleece sweater. As I got next to the driver door and realized what was happening, I tried to zip the zipper down and my zipper flew under the car and my jacket tried to fly open. I jumped into the car and was thinking okay what are we going to do here? Luckily I found a sweat shirt sitting in the car. So I grabbed it, and pulled it over my head, and was off to my son’s school. I was thinking I am glad my zipper decided to split on the way to the car instead of at my son’s school, at his classroom door. I also was thinking why do things like this happen to me!? I bet if I had a shirt underneath that jacket everything would have went smooth. The fact that it was nothing but a bra underneath it the universe was like hmmm let’s make her flash the world :-(.



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