Day 105 (No excuses! Blog it!)

Good Evening Friends!!!

This weekend flew by so fast! I did not get much rest because my five year old son was sick. It really sucks when any of the kids get sick :-(. I cannot sleep good and I have to constantly check on them. I do not really have much to report. School this semester is already keeping me busy. I have another psychology class, a chemistry class, and a communication class. The chemistry class is going to be my most challenging and draining one.

Outside of the sick little one and getting all my school material together, my husband and I made it a Resident Evil marathon. We decided to break out the Resident Evil DvDs and watch them from the beginning to the end. This was a very random idea and pretty great we manage to watch all five movies and not get tired of each other lol. I laugh because on the last movie we got into a little spat over who’s spot was who’s on the couch. My husband refused to sit down and watch the last movie if he could not sit in the spot he wanted too…..which happens to be my spot on the couch…..but he forgot that because I have been being nice enough to let him sit in it.

I pretty much told him fine and I will watch the last movie by  myself and I started the movie. It was three minutes into the movie and I paused it to set the kids up on a movie in their room and on my way back to the couch I told my husband he could still change his mind and join me. He said sure give me a second! I told him to hurry up or I will proceed. He must have thought I was joking….I went back to the couch and got in my spot and waited for a minute and hit the play button. He came from the back with his lip poked out saying “mannn your being mean” and muttered something else but we manage to finish the last one together. I did find out that the last Resident Evil will be coming out Jan 2017 so I guess we have to wait for that one.

We had a sick/movie/homework/tiresome weekend and I am soooo sleepy. I need to get back in the groove of blogging and stop making excuses.


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