Day 106 (Tips for handling haters)

Good Evening Friends!!!

I was just laying here thinking about tips for those struggling with haters. It is 2016 so I know most of you are aware what a hater is…but if not a hater is someone who springs their negative thoughts and words on you, in hopes to drown you in a pool of pessimistic thoughts and have you burn positive energy on useless rants and raves. This leaves many of your followers or friends wondering well geez who pissed in his or her cheerios?

We do not know who or what your talking about because you never disclose names or drop a detail description of who the person is and if they really are real! I have a strong feeling that a lot of people make them up in their own head but I will not be able to properly diagnose you until I’m a official license therapist. So until that day I can offer some advice ignore them and pretend they do not exist! I promise you if they are real that hurts them more than anything. No one likes to feel like their efforts are being ignored or not acknowledge. It hurts more than any silly or crazy statement you can come up with I promise you. Who the hell likes being invisible? I can tell you this no one on the internet! You do not get on the internet looking for isolation or privacy.

Well I hope this helps those of you dealing with hater issues real or fake because the goal for 2016 should be positive energy and smiles πŸ™‚ love you all and have a great night!



9 thoughts on “Day 106 (Tips for handling haters)

  1. I suppose if we put our thoughts out there on our blogs or tweets, we have to expect some controversial replies. Sometimes they bring up thought patterns we may have nor discussed and then the banter is useful. But I believe (not experienced ) that occasionally you get… thoughtless rude replies, so just block and move on.

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  2. Oddly enough I jumped in to help a fellow blogger as she was getting stalked by someone, he came after me and another blogger got into it with him and we beat him into oblivion. I sometimes respond to the hater term in a funny way, I don’t hate the player or the game I hate the idiot who made a couple of million with a stupid phrase:) Or I would say the referee…

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    1. Wow that is crazy! Good thing you were there to help out with the stalker. You are always doing great things for fellow bloggers. Lol beat him into oblivion….sometimes it must be done. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠIt’s always great reading your comments!

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