Day 107 (Use It or Lose It!)

Good Evening Friends!!!

I have been meaning to write about this a couple of days ago, but I just did not get around to it. So let’s get into it tonight. One of my classes I am taking this semester is a communication’s class, which helps improves your public speaking and get you comfortable with the fundamentals of speech. The exercise we had to do was stand up in front of the class and tell four things about our self which was pre-picked by the professor.

Pretty easy right…well I knew I had this covered and was going to do great! When the time came I started feeling hot, confused, and nervous all of a sudden. I was so pissed because this is extremely basic stuff but I had a mini anxiety attack. I stood in front of the class and went blank for a minute and than eventually pushed through it and got it done. I called my husband after class and said I never had a problem speaking in front of people and I use to love being the center of attention and now I am struggling to speak in front of a class with a bunch of kids who I know are younger than me. What the hell???

I said help me figure out what is going on with me!? He said well maybe you changed something about yourself and that is why your struggling. He was absolutely right, since I have been married I deliberately stop being Miss Queen of Chatty in person. I purposely stopped talking excessively to people and trying to bring so much attention to myself. Why??? Well because I am married and I was trying to stay out of trouble with my husband. So I drastically changed my communication style I went from full conversations to a smile and hi real quick and getting the hell out of there. I stop using my communication skills and lost them. You learn about the use it or lose it theory when you study the brain. The good news is I can still get it back the bad news is my husband may not like it :-/ lol love you all and good night to be continued………

Use it or Lose it!

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