Day 108 (The Weekend Spartan Race)

Good morning friends!!!

The weekend is here yay!!! Please take a minute to join me in celebrating the weekend :-)…..Thank you! Now let me jump right in here…the week flew by so fast and I cannot believe that we are back at Friday again. I feel so confused I do not know if I should Β be happy about how fast the weeks are flying or sad that they are flying because time is not on my side. I have been swamped with assignments and motherly tasks 😐 this has been quite challenging. I feel like I never get a break and have to put myself/needs on the back burner. This is the life of a parent, such a selfless job!

This weekend we will be heading down to Temecula for the The Spartan race. My husband will be participating in the 2016 Spartan Race and I will be down there supporting him. This is an obstacle race that “test your will” according to ESPN, so I am looking forward to cheering him on. My husband is really into events like this one. I know April he participates in Tough Mudder and another in the Fall Go Ruck! This is what happens when you marry a Marine lol it never stops not even when they finishing serving. The nature of humans to go through obstacles in life ;-). I hope you all enjoy your weekend and I will be back with more. πŸ™‚



7 thoughts on “Day 108 (The Weekend Spartan Race)

      1. Was it yesterday or today? I have seen videos and walked the course of both to look at them while not ready. I noticed ho much more intense the Spartan Race. There are so many now they are a combination of Fear Factor and any Reality TV Show.

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      2. Today. Yes they are a combination of Fear Factor and Reality TV, so true lol. The Spartan Race looks dangerous to me and has a lot going on. I don’t like the electrical stuff on it and the fire. πŸ˜•


      3. Yes they used to have more of those dangerous obstacles. People can just avoid those and in some races they assess a penalty and some just let you walk past an obstacle. I did two obstacle races with 2500 ppl in them, without training and not being able to do distance I finished in the top 1%. I watched ppl getting hurt in an easy race. The Spartan Race by me is insane and held at Shea Stadium or on Randall’s Island and they are brutal looking.

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      4. Wow you finished in the top 1% how impressive Paul! Some people are naturals and that is definitely you 😊. You are so right about the Spartan race one word insane!πŸ˜‚


      5. I have seen the virtual races with the obstacles. I got badly injured a few years back in many places and I have yet to fully heal. If I were in distance shape I would do a 5k one in under 20 comfortably. I did 200/300 meter intervals and various exercises for 2 weeks to prepare both times I competed. A lot of the people there walk half of it. But the finishing some of the harder ones is interesting. I need to pick up my pace as I am way behind on everything


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