Day 109 (Not Being Alone)

Good Morning Friends!!!

Let us talk about the advantages of not being alone. I have been running myself raggedy for a while now meaning (I have been just go go go not taking care of myself rolling with the back-pain, headaches, lack of rest, tension in the neck, and so on). I have been constantly talking about what I need to be doing for myself but not finding time to do it. So….Friday came around and my husband went to the gym with the boys and the girls and I went shopping for a gift for my paternal Grandmother’s birthday we would be attending Saturday.

I stayed out with the girls for a while and eventually my husband started hitting me up on my phone saying bring the boy’s some food home. I immediately became irritated thinking why can’t he feed them, he is capable of cooking or buying them food, and so on the thoughts ran. I bought some stuff and left with the girls. I picked up food on the way home and thought damn when do I get a break NEVER! I got home and dropped my purse and bags by the door and started setting the boy’s dinner out on the table. My husband starts nagging me to put my purse up in the bedroom I am like yeah yeah in a minute. The nagging continues and I roll my eyes and say geez.

In my head I am thinking what the hell is the big deal is he trying to work my nerves today it is working! So after the boys begin to eat I grab my stuff and head to the bedroom and I notice a key sticking out my bedroom door knob. I look back down the hall at my husband who is starring with a huge smile. Oh my goodness finally you put a lock on my door thank you so much! I have been begging for him to put a lock on my door so I can have a little bit of privacy, NO intrusion from kids. I continue into the bedroom and I see flickering lights, smell delightful scents, and hear the sweet sounds of SADE coming from the bathroom. He has the aroma candles burning in the bathroom and some herbal relaxation oils ready for a hot bath.

My husband had cleaned the bathroom and had it looking really peaceful in there. He runs fresh hot water and adds the oils and everything and escorts all the children out our room and locks the door behind them. I am able to take a bath privately. I am left all alone in the tub just soaking and relaxing while I sing along with SADE oh how I love her music. I surface after thirty minutes and feel like a new woman. No back-pain, tension in the neck, headache, or anything else. My body is completely at peace! I slept so good that night and awoke to a husband waiting to receive me intimately and after we finish our private time…..God bless his heart he brought me breakfast in bed.

(Sometimes in this crazy hectic world we forget to stop and take a minute to treat ourselves good or take care of ourselves because we are so consume with doing things for others or get lost in routine. It is truly great to have a partner and not be alone, who remembers to take care of you and helps remind you of the things you love. It has been way too long that I just sat back and indulged myself in the beautiful sounds of SADE. She has and will always be my all time favorite singer.)



2 thoughts on “Day 109 (Not Being Alone)

  1. Beautiful. What a good man who understands his wife’s needs. (I have one too) – I feel like I haven’t had a chance to catch up with you for ages – so nice to read your posts. You know it would be lovely to sit down with you and have a glass of wine and chat – I know I’ve said it before – but let’s do that one day -one day when you come here for a visit 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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