Well well well……….It has been way too long 😦

I would call it Day 110 but my hiatus was entirely too long to even go there lol. I must first apologize for the long absence and secondly, rather than come up with excuses, just discuss LIFE! So over the past three months life has continued to be hectic, constant motion, and a long list of things to do. The challenges of being a mother still exist, the challenges of being a wife still exist, and the challenges of being a student still exist. I am extremely thankful that this school year is coming to an end for the children and myself. I am so ready to embrace some down time. The start of February I decided to throw myself deeply into my school work. The emotional roller coaster has been so very real.

I feel fine some days and not so fine other days. I came to the realization that I am not a full fan of routine. I do feel some things in life can be routine….but the majority of my day being too routine depresses me. Now some may feel differently which is totally fine. I become bored easily, so when I feel like my life is too routine and lacking in some positive spontaneity, questions arise. Is this life? Where is the more? Why am I doing the same thing daily? Will I feel this way forever?  Routines!!! Still aging on time…that has not taken time to stop for me! 😐

Repetitive routines equal realization of life! On the bright side the hard work is paying off and although every day has been extremely predictable….excitement is around the corner or at least I keep telling myself that lol. Good to be back and a special thanks to all my friends that pushed me to get back on the blogging. It makes me extremely happy to know you guys look forward to reading them. 😊

My little brother can be such a creeper sometimes lol…oh well I’m stuck with him😉



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