Get Back In………

Good Evening Friends!!!

Let us just jump right in…during these past few rough weeks, I have been trying to make it to church and telling my husband how I really need to get there for the fellowship and just be in that atmosphere. I felt the darkness slipping in and the feelings becoming flat or dull which ever you prefer. I really do not like when I start getting to that point because it does not feel good. It feels extremely empty and sad to be honest. So I was failing horribly and my attitude was spiking and I never made it.

One late night I received a phone call from a dear close friend of mine, whom I love so very much and deeply. She begin to tell me about the struggles she had been facing, the trials, betrayals, and the fight for survival and how this had been going on for a while. My heart immediately shattered into a million pieces and I stayed as firm as I could the entire call. When I had picked up the phone I originally had anger in my heart because my husband forgot to pay a bill, and I was upset over this, and had plan to stick it to him after I finished handling it. My anger released immediately and my heart filled with hurt and pain. It was as if I absorbed all her painful feelings from what she had been faced with in this past year of her life.

My heart literally felt so heavy, I felt each breath begin to struggle to come out. We finished up the call and hung up. I curled up on my couch and begin to cry so hard that I had to gasp for air. I felt as if it was me first hand living through the pain. My husband came home and try his best to comfort me. The deep connection could have been the deja vu of my ex husband coming out in her story. My bold friend fought and won this battle Satan threw her way. She came out a warrior and I could not be more proud of her strong stand in Jesus Christ. She put the fight back in me and came in full force with the blood of Jesus over her, Amen.

My good friend invited me that Sunday to watch her get baptized at her church (In His Presence Church). I told her I would definitely be there and so I went on a 50 minute drive to Church that Sunday. Funny how I could not make it to my local church but manage to drive 50 minutes to her church. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason. I got to her church and the service was on ENCOURAGEMENT and not giving up or being a QUITTER but being a FIGHTER! How appropriate? Right! Wow I so needed that strong message and I can imagine a lot of people there needed it as well. I was blessed with the opportunity to watch this intense and emotional baptism. My heart filled with joy and my eyes released tears of joy! I felt such emotion as I watch her rise out of the water. I was so thankful she was able to bless me with something I knew I needed and was craving for a few weeks. There was no better gift she could have given me. The gift was to GET BACK IN!


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