Must tell all!!!

Good Evening Friends!!!

Sooooooo, this past Saturday was my husband’s graduation he received his Master of Business Administration (MBA). Yes yes very proud moment for the family and me. We flew my mother-in-law in for it. So I spent Wednesday through Friday cleaning and he shampooed the carpet. It was a lot of work but it got done! The day of the event came and here is how it went down. I had to last minute go buy my one year old some sandals to go with her outfit, get back home and get five people ready, that is including me. My husband left in advance because he had to check in early since he was carrying the American flag. So I was on my own with getting the kiddies ready.

We manage to get ready and head out and snatch my sister-in-law and niece up on the way since her husband was not home yet (my baby bro). It was okay because they literally live walking distance from his school. I should have parked over there rather than some far away parking lot, where we end up taking a shuttle to the main event. My older brother, his wife, and two girls made it on time. My husband’s friend and uncle made it on time. My parents and baby bro MIA! I was pissed to say the least but what can you say when you have a drama filled family.

My father eventually made it and was able to hear his name called and see him walk across the stage. My mother remained in the car *eyes roll* and my baby bro met us at the restaurant. My mother told us the restaurant was in Ontario originally and that is the address I gave everyone but come to find out it was in Rancho Cucamonga so half the party showed up at the wrong location and had to come back to the correct location. It felt like something from a silly movie and quite ridiculous but we eventually all made it to the correct spot! I threw back a couple of Margaritas and let my hair down. Despite a couple of disappointments, frustration and some confusion the night was a blast and my husband was praised for his accomplishments! 🙂


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