Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Good early morning friends!!!!

It is official, I am 30 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally spent an hour in my bed squeezing my husband tight from 10:35pm to 11:37pm. I told him I was clenching on to my last hour of my twenties. We talked about non sense for that hour…poor thing he was totally exhausted. He had been up since 3am and finally made it home. I know he was sleepy but he was trying to comfort me. I told him I was not ready to leave my twenties behind and he said “well how old would you like to be?” I said 29 and he said “for how long?” I said umm let me see how about five years? He said “done you’ll be 29 for the next five years. When I introduce you to co-workers and friends I will say here is my Wife CharDé and she is 29 years old.” He said they may become curious after a couple of years but we will figure it out. We laughed as he finished getting ready for bed and just laid together.

I moved on to asking random question  like I always do….Why do you think those killer whales (Orcas) kill their trainers? What about the good trainers not the mean ones? How are those people so bold and not afraid to get into a tank with those large mammals? I would be too scared to get into those tanks…they probably drown my little butt. I use to want to swim with with the dolphins, until I found out they can ram my tummy and cause internal bleeding. Won’t be doing that…He laughed at this point and said they won’t be far enough to gain that speed, it will be a up close encounter if you decide to do that…This crazy talk was before I even had my glass of wine. I finally allowed him to fall asleep…he literally started snoring 2 minutes after me being silent. I poured my glass of wine and started on my blog post for today! I love each and everyone of you and hope you all have a wonderful day! I turn 29 today 😉 and will be for the next five years! Good night/morning and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LITTLE OL’ ME! Cuatro de Mayo!!!




11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!!!

  1. Happy Birthday CharDé! I remember how far your father’s chest stood out when I told him it was time to take me to the hospital so you could be born. I remember the pride he shared with the first little member of the B+ crew💕 You have always been loved even before you were born. Wishing God’s Best! Love You Always💕

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