The Struggles of Meeting Mr. Right! #relationships #advice #psychology #tips #goals

Good Evening Friends!

I have been thinking about writing this piece for a while, unfortunately I was just too lazy. A lot of times throughout my school year I have the pleasure of talking and meeting, a lot of different beautiful women. No matter how different the women may appear to be the conversations ring similar. The most popular topic is on meeting Mr. Right! They always ask me, how do I know this guy is right? Should I tell him I want more? He did this…what does that mean? Seems like a high desire to interpret and fully understand our fellow men’s actions and notions.

The questions can go on and on. One thing I had to learn, and psychology really help me clearly get this through my head…is that each woman is different and you cannot shove your advice down their throat! No matter how much you feel it is truly the right advice! We naturally tend to advise from our own beliefs, how we were raised, what we were taught, pretty much through a bias standpoint of our own individual views. So I always state at the beginning of each conversation: “I have a low tolerance for games with men” Now this can be a good thing and possibly a bad thing.

First things first: you need to acknowledge what you want for yourself…meaning you need to fully know what you want to be when involved with a guy are you trying to be wifey, serious girlfriend, something fun to do, a side chick, or a toy. I mean from there the advice can begin. If you have a desire to be wifey or a serious girlfriend than your self worth needs to be at a all time high level. Do not go for a preoccupied man married, in a relationship, living with baby momma, or ex girlfriend. You need to be honest on what you want with a SINGLE man no strings attached and if he states he wants the same then proceed. He should not have a problem acknowledging you as his girlfriend, introducing you, showing you his place of residency, posting your pictures no lame excuses just fully committed. If you are hearing a lot of excuses or you are isolated to a specific time slot be smart! Never sell yourself short when going for a big goal! Get the respect and maintain the respect!

Nothing is worse than hearing a woman that states she wants to be taken serious as a girlfriend or eventually a wife tell me: “Oh he lives with his ex but he spends all his time with me” “He does a lot for me and nothing for her” Let me stop because it gets worse (comparing sex frequencies) but is this a damn competition??? Did I miss something? Call me selfish but their is no her if their is me! I am not competing and I personally would feel foolish or dumb playing the tally game against another woman over a man. I am not in the mood to sell myself short. Non existence of another woman is my only preference we cannot do business if that is not the case. #Relationshipgoals people! Set the bar high and have some self dignity! I promise this is not a trick but respectable men take respectable women serious and set real and reasonable expectations together.

The sad thing is women will get this advice and still try to turn a prune into ambrosia. If you are never realistic with yourself he will never be realistic to you! You wouldn’t spend top dollar on a low performing car so why would he? Guys tend to like fully loaded things, that they know will last. One more quick tip when you continuously sell yourself short and hang on to this man disrespecting you…..You scare his ass! In his head he is like what’s wrong with her? Man she messed up, Something ain’t right, Must be broken and so on. That I had the benefit of hearing first hand since I was a Tomboy for ever in a day! 😉 #relationships #advice #psychology #tips #goals

No one says the journey is easy!



One thought on “The Struggles of Meeting Mr. Right! #relationships #advice #psychology #tips #goals

  1. I guess the topic of decoding the opposite gender’s intention and mind is just a never ending story. Hearing my friends’ stories about what they experience in relationships I can only say that each one is an individual story and we all have our own perception of how should it look like. What we should do is to look deep into ourselves to know what’s best for us and after that learn how to give this best to another person. 🙂


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